BUSINESS Our Business

Our Business

As a regional trading company rooted in the Nemuro and Kushiro regions, we will propose products from the richness of the sea and land, expand our sales channels, and communicate the charm of our region.

BUSINESS Our Business

International Sales

We will purchase products such as finished seafood and dairy products from local food businesses and export them to overseas markets. Our main targets are Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore, and in the future we will also consider other countries including China, the U.S., Thailand and Vietnam to expand our market.

Domestic Sales

For domestic sales, we will develop sales channels and wholesale products from local food businesses, as well as online sales.

Our Business

We will spare no effort to maximize the value of local products.

We will spare no effort to maximize the value of local products.

The program develops new sales channels on behalf of producers for attractive local products, such as seafood products, dairy products, and handicrafts. The role of the program is to return profits to the region by enhancing the value of the producer's products and offering them to a wide range of consumers.


The program will cover two cities and 11 towns in the Nemuro Promotion Bureau and Kushiro General Promotion Bureau in the eastern area of Hokkaido, and will discover and widely promote the attractions of each area.

The two cities and 11 towns in the "Nemuro area" and "Kushiro area" of East Hokkaido are blessed with rich sea and land resources. We will use creative new ideas to introduce the appeal of products from these areas to people in Japan and abroad.Local Area

ABOUT EAST HOKKAIDO About Nemuro and Kushiro Area (East Hokkaido)

MARKET Market Development

We will create new distribution channels and services, develop new business, expand our market domestically and globally, and cooperate closely with you as a business partner.

We will create new markets and services by developing sales channels for our attractive products as well as by leveraging and widely promoting our powerful natural resources.

The Power of the Nemuro/Kushiro Region

  • Seafood Products ■Seafood Products
  • Dairy Products ■Dairy Products
  • Livestock Products ■Livestock Products
  • Tourism and Services ■Tourism and Services
  • Tradition and Culture ■Tradition and Culture

We will grow the market by creating new distribution channels and services to expand business possibilities.

REGIONAL PRODUCTS Specialty Products by Region