• ■Cape Nosappu, Nemuro City
  • ■Blue King Crab / Hair Crab
  • ■Kaiyodai Observatory, Nakashibetsu
  • ■Cheese

Bounty of the sea. Bounty of the earth. Bounty of nature.
East Front Hokkaido is expanding its market to the world.

  • Cape Nosappu, Nemuro City ■Cape Nosappu, Nemuro City
  • Blue King Crab / Hair Crab ■Blue King Crab / Hair Crab
  • Kaiyodai Observatory, Nakashibetsu ■Kaiyodai Observatory, Nakashibetsu
  • Cheese ■Cheese

MISSION Corporate Mission

Connecting the region of East Hokkaido to the future.

Hokkaido is a land of magnificent nature. The Nemuro and Kushiro regions, in particular, are home to many products that are the bounty of the sea and the land.
The Nemuro/Kushiro area is a special place with a unique natural environment that attracts the attention of the world, and a culture that has developed in its own unique way. We will take advantage of the resources of this region to create "new value" and "new distribution" throughout Japan and the world. This will enable us to expand our business into the future.